5 family-centric things to do at Kabira Country Club this Easter

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The Kabira Chefs looking like the extraodinaires that they truly are
Nyama Choma has never looked any sexier.

To get serenity, you need to move out of the city. Often, you need to burn a lot of fuel, and drive across hills and valleys and rivers, to reach a recreation center that has both great services and tranquility.

But that is a huddle people that haven’t been to Kabira Country Club have to jump. It is for those oblivious to the great amenities at the Kabira Country Club in Bukoto. Right there. Convenience, huh? Just a stone’s throw away from Nakawa, and the city. You don’t even need to crane your neck to see the place. Right there, at the Bukoto Traffic Lights, is the oh-so-majestic entry to the Kabira Country Club.

All Star tour
The Kabira Country Club Blue Lagoon Cocktail. It might set you back a paltry 35K.

We recommend them for their creativity. For consistently churning such full filling group (and individual) experiences. After the recently concluded Kabira Football Tournament, they have something for Easter.

They are calling it the Kabira Easter Carnival. And it is a wide range of fun stuff. But I picked just 5 that I will do with my family.


Yes, they have a state of the art gym. You don’t need to be fat to go to the gym. It is healthy. Your kids need it as well. It is a fun way to bond as you shade calories as a couple and as family. And their gym isn’t just any gym. They have everything you will ever need in a work out. Your doctor will see you less often if you talk to the Kabira Country Club Gym Instructor more often. And if you are going to be around the good food they serve, you might as well just prepare your body.


They haven’t advertised what kind of comedy will be there. But who doesn’t like a laugh. If I bump into comedians, or clowns, my family will surely enjoy them.


You have not dined in Kampala if you haven’t tasted Kabira Country Club food. From their signature Mongolian dishes, to the panoply of dishes you can choose from. And trust their creative chefs, they have surely whipped something extraordinary for that day.

The Kabira Chefs looking like the extraodinaires that they truly are

Kids Play Ground.

Besides the bouncy castle, I like the egg painting and egg hunting experience. Well, mostly because my daughters will like it.

Artisan Market.

If you’re a collector of art, or someone who simply appreciates arts, then you will be as elated as I am to learn that there will be an artisan market.