Food critics lash out at Pearl of Africa’s ‘terrible’ food and service

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The poorly presented Tilapia Balamaga was served.

Pearl Of Africa Hotel made such headlines when they launched. But it seems they dropped the ball as soon as they started. They’d done a great job with the interior. It looked swanky. Yet according to a number of social media foodies, their food and service are the worst.

It all started recently when popular food blogger, Rogers Balamaga, famous for his page, Roger’s Bites posted a picture of the dinner he had at Pearl of Africa. He posted the plate of Tilapia and asked his followers to state their experiences at Pearl Of Africa.

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Perhaps hoping that his experience must have been a one off, and he was being too quick to lash out.

“You guys who have eaten at Pearl of Africa Hotel, what has your experience been like, before I share mine. Ps. Don’t be fooled by the smile on my face,” his post read.

“It’s about an hour to deliver the food. And about 3 hrs to get the drinks,” Trudie Marie commented.

 As it turned out, he wasn’t. It rained negative comments.

Some women even exclaimed that they don’t take the food seriously at all, so they go there to take pictures and eat in better places.

“I just go there to take pictures with their cool back ground. Not the food,” one lady stated.

After realizing that he wasn’t the only one, Balamaga later posted about his grim experience at Pearl of Africa Hotel.

“I am not going to write a review of my experience at The Pearl of Africa Hotel Kampala. I actually wrote one last night but I won’t share it, because being in the food business myself, I don’t want to be the person bad mouthing other food businesses.

I will just say this one thing though; sente za Long Island eno zanumye nyo nyo!

If you’re going to charge someone 49k for a Long Island at least give them a better straw than this thing they serve with butunda of 200sh at the Kulambiro Muzikiti boda stage.

For 49k, you shouldn’t let a customers first sip be a moth full of Kakira sugar pebbles resting at the bottom of the glass. Sincerely how hard is it to make sugar syrup?

If you’re going to make someone wait 30mins for a cocktail, please don’t deliver it with melted ice cubes.

Sente za Long Island zanumye nyo nyo! That’s all I’ll say, I won’t talk about the stale fish that costs 80k, sending me to the washrooms to wash my hands before and after eating, the hidden charges like 4% service charge for the sort of service they offer, nebilala.

The long island Balamaga ranted about

49k for this Long Island with cheapass rum and Vodka! I allowed,” Balamaga posted.

The poorly presented Tilapia Balamaga was served.
Foodie and culinary expert, Roger’s Balamaga of Roger’s Bites, also writes a food column in the New Vision news paper.