Do you love meat and stay around Kampala? You should totally see this!

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Where are all thee meat lovers, can we all gather. Are we all here? So there is this exciting session of meat till you drop at Kabira Country Club. The event is dubbed the Mongolian dinner night.

What exactly goes on?

All Star tour

So a range of different meat is paraded, these include goat, chicken, fish, pork, liver all in an elegant display. So you can make a decision of what type of meat you actually want. After you have made a selection of the meat you want to eat, make a move to the spices and ingredient section. The section boosts of a range of spicing and ingredients like onions, tomatoes, ginger and all those little things that make a meal complete.

Now this is the muse, after you have made a selection of what meat you want, hand it over to the chef and watch him spin the magic. The way they mix the content up, Christ. These guys were born for this. Right there in front of your eyes. it’s an experience to hold on to.

After your food is ready, you are welcome to the dry food section that includes rice, yams, pumpkins, pasta to mention but a few. Then, wait for it…

The meat selection and accompanying ingredients

The dessert! If you are a dessert lover, you will be spoilt for choice as it includes a fruit and pastry combo.

The Mongolian dinners happen every Friday from 7pm. Full pass is only 37,200 and you can knock yourself out for however rounds you want to.

PS; There is pork free section for those who do not eat pork.

To book prior visit their social media pages or call 0752711009.