Meza Restaurant: Where Shawarma comes alive

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By Chemutai Faith Murket

Meza Sharwama recently experienced new branding and it’s all the craze for Kampala’s urbanites. It’s located directly opposite the main entrance of Acacia Mall so there’s no getting lost there! Meza is always super cozy, filled with the buzz and excitement you get from Kampala youth. Every table gets a bottle of hand sanitizer to make sure you know hygiene is key.

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The menu has the usual fast foods that make our taste buds betray our own local meals: burgers, wings and Lebanese specials like falafel salad, beef kofta, pita shoarma and chicken or beef sharwama. And all at affordable prices! Even at 15,000 Uganda shillings, your tummy will get a meal to make it happy. This is definitely a place you can impress while on budget and leave feeling no regrets but only the promises that tomorrow holds.

The portions! My my. If there’s anything Meza deserves a standing ovation for, it’s their food portions. The meals come with huge servings of fries and fresh salads. The food is definitely well prepared and their timing is on point. Their drinks as well are a struggle to choose from because everything looks and tastes yummy! Their sharwama is definitely something you should try out. It is prepared right in front of your eyes in front of the main terrace so you get to be a part of this whole experience.

The next time you happen to be at Acacia Avenue, you should definitely drop by and feed your taste buds!