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Whether you’re planning a holiday dinner or party at a local restaurant, company events can be an exciting way to bring your team together. It’s fun to get to know your officemates outside of a formal workplace setting. Company events do much more than just provide employees with a chance to kick back. They also help employers to validate their employees, promote creativity, boost company morale and create a better, more focused team.

Anoma Company director, Cleus stresses the need to hold a company dinner once in a while. He says, “After a long day at the office, it is advisable to let your hair down.” Fitly he treated his workers to a dinner at Jarin hotel, a new exquisite B&B hotel situated along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road.  “The hotel restaurant was a clean, spacious room with superb furniture and a polished interior. The hotel restaurant boasted of a gourmet menu. The chef definitely brought his ‘A’ game during our dinner, since the aroma was as great as the taste!” relayed Enid, an employee with Anoma Company.

 “From the sumptuous grilled chicken served with fries and cocktail juice that I devoured, to the coffee and rice with chicken stew that my boss enjoyed. Not forgetting the chilled beers and delicious Rolex (the Rolex is a delicacy in Uganda that comprises of a wrap with vegetables and fried eggs not a luxury watch brand) that my colleagues chowed down. Everything tasted great. By the way, the beers were chilled to perfection! The Rolex was so mouthwatering that the office snob, Robert decided to have another serving. All I can say is that the restaurant staff understands its craft”, she added.

 Although, companies are advised to hold events that can be fitted into company time, in cases when it’s impossible to do. They should at least seek their employees’ input or invite employee spouses and families if the budget allows and take enough pictures from the event to share on the company’s social media pages afterwards.