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By Ochen Eric

You all have seen all these Internet memes talkin about how chocolate is the thing, the ladies saying it’s their need and only companion, how it’s the medication.

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Well this is the light chocolate they always talk about, but contradicting it’s fame; it’s health benefits are way low compared to its less famous cousin, dark chocolate.

This little known but infinitely nutritious dessert is filled with health benefits, some of which can never cross your mind when you choose to ignore it at the supermarket shelf.

The most interesting of these benefits is that it’s a mood booster. Dark chocolate contains caffeine and this affects the parts of the brain responsible for pleasure and reward, so a dark chocolate square can easily make you happier. This chocolate from Northern Uganda (coz it’s dark, get it? No? Okay) not only prevents cancer but also lowers the risk of heart disease and improves blood flow plus lowering blood pressure. Also, for those who seek to lose some weight, dark chocolate is a healthy slimming diet option.

When we are suffering from sunburn during hot and dry conditions, this tasty snack protects our skin from sun damage by increasing skin density and hydration. It increases blood flow to the brain, so this chocolate also makes you more intelligent. Interesting right?

Of course nothing only has good things, and this guy’s bad side is that it has a sour aftertaste and too much of it leads to quite a serious addiction so watch the amount of dark chocolate you eat regularly. However, keeping all that in mind, this sweet food has so many health benefits that one would be mad to even think of passing up. So get yourself some dark chocolate today.