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By Chemutai Faith Murket

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The good Lord has allowed us to know just a little about what makes RnB musician Maro just as sexy as only he can be. Sure, go to the gym spend countless hours working on those biceps trying to be like our one and only Maro. But we all know, what goes in is just as important to getting to look your best. So all the Maro wanna be’s and the Maro wanna be girlfriends, without further a due, here is what Maro eats to stay sexy!

All Star tour

1- Omuceere Matooke nyama mu bijanjalo
This one we can all afford, right? It’s good to stay humble. A little local food won’t kill your vibe, if anything, it just might add to it, ask Maro’s broad chest how it got there!

2- Shawarma
There is no food trending as hard as sharwama is right now! Honestly, if you haven’t had a reason to go out and try it before, now you do!

3- Greek salad
Of course the Greek gods had to make it on this list. Eat your vegetables everyone, Maro does!

4- Vegetable Tambura
Again, with the vegetables. I believe a point is being made here. We all love our ka barbeques but it’s good to slow down once in a while.

5- Lasagne
My Lord. Something had to build up all that muscle! Who knew it was lasagne?!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and so must this. Ladies, you know what to feed your men on and dear men, please listen. Every girl deserves a Maro, won’t you be hers?