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By Chemutai Faith Murket

If you’re a nature freak, in love with peace and up for a home away from home, this one’s for you! The Sipi River Lodge is your chance to have accommodation at the foothills of one of the triple Sipi falls.

It’s such a beautiful view of the falls, the green surrounding it and also, you’re just across the road and a little trek away from the top of it’s sister fall!

There’s bicycle riding to the fall as well as an uphill hike to the top of the waterfall where only the daring go. The cool breeze and the pure air is another thing you won’t get from the dusty streets of Kampala.

The locals speak a language like no other in Uganda, it’s perplexing to listen to and even more perplexing to try and understand. The staff is extremely friendly and they try to incorporate you in the daily lives of the Sabinys, the people that live there.

The meals are scrumptious and the coffee!! The coffee and tea are freshly brewed there as one of the main agricultural activities in the region is coffee and tea growing. When you’ve had your coffee or tea from Sipi River Lodge, you better take some back with you because the taste of processed coffees is something you’ll no longer crave.

I wish you a splendid journey. Happy sightseeing. And don’t forget to carry your heaviest sweaters! It’s freezing up there.