The Views At Nyaika Hotel will take your breath away

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Fort Portal is first becoming a popular hub especially for Domestic Tourism. It’s like the newly discovered hub of adventure.

For its convenience in transportation and the navigation of the different tourism attractions. For the vast expanse of touring options. For the Amabere Ganyinamwiiru, and the numerous crater lakes, and the picturesque Top Of The World Hill among many others. Many people are leaving Kampala for adventure in Fort Portal.

But where are you planning to sleep on your next trip there? Sure, there are options. There are motels and lodges and fancy hotels.

But Nyaika Hotel is where you should be. Or, I mean, that’s where I’ll be the next time I head there.

I went there for lunch during a work trip and they caught me off guard. I decided to spend a night. First, it was the service. The versatility in cuisines and how the chefs are willing to work with you through your choices. The service, how quick and responsive they were. To their swimming pool. I mean, I could bang on about the amenities. But they’re not what stood out for me. It was the breathtaking views.

Its on a hill. So while up there, there is so much to see. I hope these pictures speak enough.