These Dick-Shaped Cocktail Shooters are making Sunday Funday at Laparonis a hit

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Why do you party on a Sunday? Don’t you have work tomorrow? Do you want to wake up hangovered? Won’t you get fired? Asked the boring boyfriend.

She didn’t want to tell him. That Laparonis has things she can put in her mouth and feel naughty.

All Star tour

She is one of many girls who are thronging the new, and arguably the biggest boy on the party block; Laparonis.

The bar, located on Parliamentary Avenue, is armed to the throat with great night experiences. There is the good music. The great ambience. The beautiful women. (It’s like someone was tasked with the job of prowling the swanky surburbias of Kampala where showers flow with milk and honey; and plucking out the very sexiest and hottest mummies after which they’re ferried to Laparonis.) The great food. And the very nice service.

These are not the hot girls we are talking about. This is the muchachos team. They are the only ones brave enough to take pictures with the shooters 😂.

Yet their cocktail glasses, shaped like a penis, are making their Sundays quite the hit. The theme night, dubbed Sunday Fun Day tailored by Muchachos (a premier events experience marketing company) has become quite the hit in the past couple of weeks. The women like the thrill of drinking on the cocktail glasses.

“It’s exciting. It makes you feel like you’re doing something naughty. It’s a thrill to drink from those shooters. You have to be initiated to it otherwise it feels so vulgar. Though two cocktail glasses in and you’re playing with it in your mouth,” explained Cissy, a regular at Laparonis.

“Men love to see women drinking from them. You can tell how good someone’s head is by the way they treat this drinking session on a dick-shaped shooter,” said the ever so naughty Lucy.