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By Chemutai Faith Murket

Are you in the Wandegeya zone? Are you and money currently not seeing eye to eye? Is your girlfriend hungry? Or has the work at internship under the hot sun or randomly pouring rain driven you to the point of anger (always accompanied by hunger by the way)? Well sit tight, and let daddy take care of you – daddy being Valhalla Bar and Restaurant in Wandegeya.

Now I bet you’ve been there plenty of times, right? But I can also bet that you were either in the corner with a hot chic or you were the weird guy sipping from his bottle alone with wandering eyes. Or maybe were you the girl totally out of it on her seventh bottle of Smirnoff? Either way, it was dark and I bet you weren’t there for the food.

But, if you are in the area, and you need an affordable plate of food, Valhalla’s lunchtime menu is here for you. They have a buffet with all the local food your mother and girlfriend now feel too empowered to cook. You can have a seat outside and enjoy the fresh air or if you’re an inside person, the bar is there for you. The scenery, the peace, the food, all for Shs.15,000/= and they even throw in a free soft drink!

You can’t say no one ever told you. Come let’s make plans. See you there and oh, you’re paying.