Silk Events Pumps Money Into News Years Luminair Party

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Silk Events Pumps Money Into News Years Luminair Party

Renowned party planners Silk Events have been busy this year, providing party solutions to highbrow events such as Blankets and Wines, International Super star Chris Martin’s All Star Performance, among many other events.

All Star tour

News reaching this website has it that the legendary party planners are the latest sponsors to join the New Year’s Party. According to sources, Silk Events has invested a lot of money in making sure that the Luminaire Experience comes to life.

“The walls of the Warehouse will be covered with giant images of New York City bringing to life our Night in ‘New York City’ look and feel.  As the revelers enter the venue they will get a cocktail drink, atop enjoying a cocktail of entertainment experiences, including fire dancers, acrobats, dancers, laser and lights. The set up will also have Dj Battles; to perform in tandem with the lighting artistry and the acrobats,” explained a correspondent from Twaake Events.

The Luminaire New Year’s Eve Party that will be held at Fast Sports Fusion Lounge, 5th Street is slated to have the best firewax experience in Kampala. This, as many critics have cited, has made the event a must attend for the highbrow crowd.