Meet The Semyekozos Who Attended The Asfas 2019-Cabinet List

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Who is a Semyekozo you ask? A Love Nigger? Well, up until Rema Namakula’s flamboyant Oh-Please-Pay-Attention-I’m-Trying-To-Prove-A-Point-Here Kwanjula, we didn’t really know. We thought it was just another of the many good works our lyricists churn. Except, as it turned out, she was throwing jabs at her ex, Kenzo; allegedly.

The public then made sense of the term ‘Semyekozo’ and used how Kenzo had treated Rema as a pilot basis to now define Semyekozo. The term now was used in reference to men who looked good, but were  generally unserious with their love lives. Many analogies came forth, of course.

In some, ‘Semyekozos’ or ‘Love Niggers’ were irresponsible, self centered men who only cared about how they looked in order to attract women like moths to a bulb. They didn’t care for serious relationships that led to marriage. They sired children only to give the women they were with the illusion of settling, only they never did. The credit they however got, was the charm, and how they knew how to dress the bit, and how they’d mustered the art of working magic under the sheets.

They’ve been described as a hastily multiplying species in Uganda. And they seem to have found a uniform in their looks. At yesterday’s Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, a number Of them showed up, perhaps after agreeing in the backend of their cabinet to have a maximum representation at such an event of affluence.

The International Chapter at The Red Carpet. These ones confuse women at international levels, from country to country. The headaches they give women require exorcism, not panadol.!
A dizzy woman staggers onto stage after being confused by a Semyekozo. You’ll see the object of terror below. Scroll down.
The Asfas gather quite the audience, perfect opportunity to ‘SLAY’
John Blaq is not a Semyekozo. It’s hard to be with what he is working with in the facial department. But what he adds to this spice are lyrics that the Semyekozo’s use. Sing with us; ‘Nkwagala Billi Ebyallagillwa, Oh My Bae, Baby’.
Kaijuka Abass is a magnificent designer. Very talented. He surrounds himself with all the models in the country and chews them like pop corn At will. He’s soft spoken with a wild card sense of style. He will confuse even the smartest ones.’
Sesa Bat is a Facebook comedian who uses jokes to confuse and feast on unsuspecting young girls. Many crawl into his inbox, so it’ll be hard for him to even settle down. He is the Chief Whip of this cabinet.
We don’t know his name, which means he is probably a secret service agent feeding one of the members in the cabinet intel about the most gullible slay queens in town. (We are not pointing fingers at Teta, no?)
Eddy Wiizy, he is the Prime Minister Of Semyekozos. He was unanimously elected after showing off his fluid gyrating waist antics. Everyone clapped and said in unison, ‘Yuwa De Man’
These are the ones who put up campaign posters for the big dogs. They’re new at it and they still crying during and after sex.
Jesus, if confusion was a person. This one is the Combat Trainer in the army of Semyekozos. They fight their battles with tears and ‘Bikolimo’ and a bit of teeth when provoked.
Apass and Jose Chameleone. The Minister Of Kampala Semyekozos and the Mayor Of Kampala Semyekozos. He is married with kids but he doesn’t show up at such functionsnwith the WiFe. Also Jose, this is the only place you will be Mayor Of Kampala. But we love you nonetheless.
The president Of Semyekozos being shushed because he was about to cry in public again and offset the direction of the Semyekozo strategy at the ASFAs.
Jidenna came to Uganda for one week just and he doesn’t want to go back. He has never seen a place with girls so willing to throw leg without as much as a trap of his money. He has been frolicking and has since been eying to move to Kabale and be the MP Of The Semyekozos Of Kabale.
Ykee Benda, Voice So Tender, First on Everygirl’s Agenda, Akuba Muziki Tatunda Byenda’ If that is not the Vice President Of The Semyekozo’s catch phrase!!!!
Sometimes you look at a Semyekozoo and you become speechless. Seriously!!! This Semyekozo
Men who break your heart and you need a heart surgery to become human again always look this responsible, and have accents that you immediately see your babies speaking with. Only they call you a week later asking for a loan of 20K. Oh, this is a body guard to the Vice President.