The Top 5 Must Attend Festivals of 2020 in Uganda

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Dancer Roz Merrie Atim at Nyege Nyege Fest


Must attend events of 2020

Uganda is now a hub for destination festivals. People all over the world travel to Uganda to be part of the biggest music, travel, dance, and tour. And while there are many that have been held with the same intent, only a few have assured revelers of a good time. We picked 5 festivals whose organizers ensured people had a rave of a life time.

Here are out top 5 must attend destination festivals in Uganda.

Nyege Nyege Festival

Perched right at the top is the mighty Nyege Nyege Festival. Happening at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja, the destination always has a cocktail of (over 100) musical artistes from across the world. Yet even the local artistes that perform are usually the right concoction. Drinks of all tribes at affordable drinks, DJ’s from all schools of rave, and scenes to die for. It is undoubtedly the biggest destination festival in East Africa.

Road To The Nile Gala

Happening three times every year in Jinja, the Road To The Nile Festival is the biggest corporate team building event in Uganda, because of it’s different facets of fun. Those who like sports get to engage in 6 aside soccer, basketball, mini turf rugby, chess, aerobics, yoga, while those who like a rave just choose to chill in the beer garden and listen to music and start indulging in intoxicants as early as day. There is a massive after party in the evening that has massive attendance of course. And about 50 corporate companies send their employees for this out of town recuperation experience. 2020 editions will be on April 11th , August and November 14th.

Rumble In The Jungle

Another festival in the wild. Except better. Next to a zoo. And by the mighty Lake Victoria. The festival is undoubtedly going to be the go to quarterly event of 2020. Because of its good concept, and the fact that it is in Kaazi.

Blankets and Wine

But of course. Blankets and Wine. If you don’t know Blankets and Wine, you are not Urbanite. Kindly leave this room.

Roast and Rhyme

Swangz Avenue has mustered the art of giving us musical experiences. And Roast and Rhyme is next to the All Star Experience. The musical line ups are always great, laid back, and artsy, to create a musical experience by the Lake that is to die for. There is always lots of meat. And for people who want to roast, it’s a good opportunity as well. Not to forget of course, that like Blankets and Wine, it is always a fashion extravaganza.