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There is the guy that sits in the middle of narrative. The guy from whom the story revolves and spins. That guy is the subject. And then there is the guy that watches him. The guy who lurks in the shadows, just to observe the subject’s every move, and then later capture it in words. The guy that will tell you about his watch, it’s price, his lifestyle. The guy that seeks to entertain with his words. That guy is The Urbanite. The Urbanite Ug.

The Urbanite Ug is a Lifestyle and Travel magazine based in Uganda. The magazine is designed for the archetypal Urbanite, the techsavvy, trendsavvy and fashion savy Ugandan.

We are the leading lifestyle magazine in the country, covering a stretch of urban lifestyle topics like Food, Bars, Events, Festivals, Cars, Watches, Accomodation, Hotels, Lodges, Travel, Health, Gym, Cocktails, Beer, Whisky, you name it. If the archetypal, or aspirational Urbanite Loves it, we have it.